Wild Sage Interiors

It is the proverbial idea that’s time has finally come. Sustainable building is the movement toward environmentally friendly products and practices in residential and commercial construction. At Wild Sage Interiors we believe that, before long, such a conscientious approach will become standard in the building industry.

Intuitively, our principal designers Cassidy Brush and Katherine Collins have enhanced their credentials with the esteemed LEED AP accreditation (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Accredited Professional). LEED is the U.S. Green Building Council’s green-building rating system and its forum for industry dialogue. Bolstered by this prestigious accomplishment, Wild Sage Interiors is now poised to deliver its timely expertise in the “Green” movement, and, specifically, sustainable products and practices. Many of our suppliers offer renewable resources, from locally made furniture featuring pine-beetle kill to recycled glass countertops and more. There are a myriad of selections to choose from, and we look forward to sharing them with you.

In keeping with our own company goal to “go green,” we have opted to use 100% wind-generated alternative energy to power our office and homes. This commitment stems from our desire to maintain the pristine nature of the mountain setting that first drew us here. We believe in the cumulative power of many small efforts to offset the great impact society has on the environment at large. We're proud that we are doing our part and welcome the opportunity to partner with like-minded clients, suppliers and organizations.

Wild Sage Interiors supports the following organizations because of their environmental stewardship: